Oyamel-Inspired Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Chili Lime Glaze

In Homemade on 11/13/2011 at 5:47 pm

Oyamel – Chef Jose Andres’s DC ode to traditional Mexican cooking – is easily among my favorite restaurants. Whether I’m just grabbing a fish taco and a beer at happy hour before a Caps game (the best fish taco in the world, by the way, and Shiner on tap -but that’s another post), or heading out for a special dinner with out-of-town friends, Oyamel is always on my mind.

Among all the small plates we tried on a recent visit, the one that stuck out most was the roasted brussles sprouts with chili-lime glaze. It was the genre-bending aspect of the dish that made it so interesting. I’ve always thought of brussels sprouts as an “Italian”-ish sort of ingredient – something to pair with good olive oil, sharp cheese and some lemon zest and fresh herb, or as the backbone of a spicy-veggie pasta dish – like the ziti from a few weeks ago).

But the way they do it at Oyamel with the chili-lime glaze is so different, and so very delicious.

(Added bonus – There are some great local sprouts available at the farmers markets this time of year! So … Boomtown.)


My version has brussels sprouts pan seared and oven roasted, then topped with an agave-chili-lime glaze and crushed pistachios. Not quite the same (I mean – it’s Oyamel), but close enough to work on a Monday night at home.

So let’s cook.

Start by removing the outside leaves and quartering some sprouts and throwing them in a hot pan with a little olive oil. Hit them with some salt and pepper and stir them around for a couple minutes just until they start to take on a nice sear on a couple of sides.

Once they have some good color on them, transfer them to a sheet pan and drop them in a 425 degree oven to roast for maybe 15 minutes. (Keep an eye on them so they don’t get too too crispy.)

While the sprouts are roasting, you should have enough time (15 minutes! Go!) to pull together the chili-lime glaze.

For this one, I started with a bit of peanut oil in a small sauce pan (thinking of more tolerance for heat, and a bit of nutty flavor to boot), and added in diced onions and a couple of finely diced jalapeños. (You could use serranos if you want a little more heat, or a poblano if you want a little more chili-flavor – in fact, when I do this one again, I’m going to use a poblano.) Once those have sweated for a couple minutes, add in the juice of two limes, a tablespoon of honey (use local, dontchaknow) and/or a teaspoon of agave nectar.


I’m thinking the agave nectar adds a tequila-like flavor – it’s also a little bit more straight-up sweet than honey is on the palette, so you gotta be careful with how much you put in. But you could totally do this with just honey, and maybe you could do it with tequila, too… Unfortunately I didn’t have any tequila in the house, so… Agave.

Stir the sauce vigorously with a fork or a whisk as it reduces down and takes on a nice glaze-ey consistency. You’ll know it’s done when it tastes so epic you can’t even believe it.


Pull the sprouts out of the oven when they’re looking nice and dark on the edges and tender in the centers.

And now you have a choice – you can either toss the roasted sprouts with crushed pistachios and a healthy spoonful of the glaze, or plate individual servings of the sprouts and top with a glisteningly sweet dollop of your amazing honey-chili-lime glaze and a sprinkle of pistachio. Either way, they’re sure to impress.

Maybe serve them alongside some grilled fish tacos?

Or maybe just eat them all by themselves and then lick the bowl afterwards… They’re that good.


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